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IK Delivers on Fast Track Project Once More

On the 30th May, IK delivered another fast track project for several 12” Contingency Pipeline Plugs.  The project was awarded to IK on the 12th May with the plugs designed, fabricated, assembled and tested (9 bar test pressure) and DDP delivered just 12 working days later on the 30th May.

Project Technical info:

The plugs are based on our standard sealing plugs, with sealing provided by O-rings and mechanical support by the horse-shoe unit attaching the plug onto the pipeline hub. This plug design is typically used for pipeline hubs / end terminations with machined internal bore and material properties that do not allow for ring marks in the internal surface.

The plugs are partly designed in polymer plastic and steel and have a plastic surface all towards the hub surfaces / sealing surfaces. The plugs are delivered with an ROV ball valve in addition to the check valve for security / contingency.

The horseshoe locking device is constructed in aluminum and plastic to allow for a low submerged weight and easy handling for the ROV. The installation is performed by first installing the plug into the HUB opening, then placing the aluminum horseshoe device for securing and finally torquing up of the two fish tails for locking the system ready for operation.

For more information about this project, please contact IK-Group VP of Subsea Adrian Gamman or Subsea Project Manager Iana Galanova.


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